Music Visuals III : Particle Animation Again

In this video, I used again Adobe After Effects and its Trapcode plug-ins to try and improve on the visual interest part of these experiments. I wanted a more complex particle animation, close to particle simulation and different variations to try and add diversity to the visuals.

For the music analysis, I focused this time on low frequencies to isolate different beats and percussions types which where prominent in this track.

An interesting thing I noticed while trying to extract various sound features and link them to different visual features was that it got confusing very quickly. Especially when visualizing different things that vary at the same time. It actually worsened the readability of the visuals I was going for. I found that as the visuals got more complex, the music features represented had to get simpler (more intuitive) to compensate. While it doesn’t mean that having various music and visual features to play with is bad, I think it is important that only one (or very few) thing vary at the same time and that variations are introduced one by one if going for maximum readability.


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