Texture Transfer Based on Texture Descriptor Variations

We published this month with Romain Vergne, Thomas Hurtut and Joƫlle Thollot a research report on our work on texture transfer based on textural variations. This report is the third chapter of my thesis manuscript and can be found here.

The idea of this work is to transfer a reference texture onto an input texture, reproducing the reference texture patterns, but preserving the input texture global variations such as illuminations changes or perspective deformations.

This is done using the input texture and a single reference texture. In order to do so, we use a texture descriptor to characterize the input texture global variations, and a texture synthesis algorithm to reproduce the reference texture patterns while preserving the input global variations.

Examples of results are given below. From left to right, the images are the input, the reference and the result. Note that for each result we manually chose which global properties of the input we wanted to preserve in the result between luminance, scale and orientation.